It is with great sadness that I have to inform, that our dear friend and founder of Liverpool Homeless Outreach Ethel Dunn died peacefully on 10/07/2007. Her funeral was held at Larkhill Gospel Hall on Friday 15/07/2011 when her lifelong friend and fellow worker Graham Swift conducted the service of thanksgiving for the life of Ethel. What was evident was her unswerving faith in The Lord Jesus Christ and her compassion for many of the friends we serve on a Sunday Evening. She will be sadly missed by her family and many friends. 
I  also have to inform that one of our loyal supporters and my frfiend and neighbour Danny Whitehead sadly died on Wednesday 13/07/2011. I would say that Danny was a Family man, a Footballing man, a Friendly man and a Faithful man. Such qualities are extremely rare in our day. I was able to see Danny for the last time on Monday 11/07/2011 when we read a book on the History of Liverpool Football Club. His parting words to me were "Thanks Vin I am grateful for you coming to see me" As ever this displayed the character and gentleman that Danny was. Our thoughts and prayers are with his  wife Liz and his family. His funeral service is to be held at St Austins Church, Garston at 12.00pm on 20/07/2011.